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Kyoto does not have its own airport but travelers can go to the city via Kansnai International Airport or via Itami Airport located in Osaka prefecture. Kanshai is an international airport based on an artificial Island in the middle of Osaka bay. Kanshai International Airport has converted into a hub that serves Asian flights. It operates around 500 flights per week. It also operates 66 flights to Europe and 35 flights to the Middle East. The Haruka Express operated by JR West carries passengers from Kansai Airport to Kyoto Station.

Itami airport also known as Osaka’s international airport will help you travel to Kyoto.  This airport now handles domestic flights to more than 30 destinations within Japan. Kanshai airport has taken all of Itami’s airport international traffic.

Kyoto is famous in the wider world because here the Kyoto protocol was signed. It is an international treaty that sets binding obligations on industrialized countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Kyoto also has a variety of sights selection that will catch the visitor’s eye such an attraction is by far is the Fushimi-Inari Taisha. This amazing  temple  complex was dedicated to the gods of rice and sake by the Hata family in the 8th century. As the role of agriculture lost its magnitude, deities were enrolled to ensure prosperity in business.  The shrine is one of Japan's most popular, and is the head shrine for some 30,000 Inari temples.

If you considered yourself a true animal lover then your steps will lead you to the Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama home to more than 200 Japanese monkeys of all sizes and ages, this park is the ultimate spot for kids and grown-ups Though it is common to see wild monkeys in their natural surroundings in the nearby mountains, here you can see them   gathered all together. The park offers a great opportunity, for some memorable photos not only because of the monkeys but also because of the panoramic view over Kyoto.

If you are the romantic type and you wish to travel in time the Higashiyama District gives you the chance you always wanted. It is situated along the lower slopes of Kyoto's eastern mountains is one of the city's best preserved historic districts, as if the time has not touched this amazing place.  It provides you a great opportunity to experience the traditional old Kyoto, especially between Kiyomizudera andYasaka Shrine, where the narrow lanes, wooden buildings and traditional merchant shops create a mosaic and revive the aroma of the old capital city. Recent renovations to remove telephone poles and repave the streets have further improved the traditional feel of the district.

Finally if you want to feel a little bit like a royalty even if it is for just one day then spare some time and explore the Kyoto Imperial Palace. It used to be the residence of Japan's Imperial Family until 1868, when the emperor and capital were moved from Kyoto to Tokyo. It is located in the beautiful Kyoto Imperial Park  an impressive  location  in the center of the city with  vast areas that will show you a different aspect of the city.

Airlines that offer direct domestic and international flights to Kyoto



Ibex Airlines

Japan Airlines

SAM Columbia


Japan Transocean Air

Jetstar Japan
Korean Air

Asiana Airlines

Air Busan

China Airlines

Jeju Air

SAM Columbia

Japan Airlines

Eastar Jet

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Kyoto Flights


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