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Nagoya is served by Chubu Centrair International Airport which is located in the central part of Japan. The airport it is located 32 km far from the city of Nagoya and operates domestic and international flights for the region of Chubu. A second airport Nagoya Airfield also known as Komaki Airport it is used as secondary airport operating only domestic flights for the city of Nagoya. The international airport it is only 30 min away from the railway station in the center of Nagoya and many tourist they use it to reach the popular areas as Kyoto and Fuji.

Nagoya is ideal for a good sightseeing tour since it has a variety of sights that can cover different kind of interests. It is true that the first impression is what counts the most. If you are looking for a really beautiful sight a must see is the Nagoya castle.

Nagoya Castle was built in the beginning of the Edo Period as the seat of one of the three branches of the ruling Tokugawa family, the Owari branch. It is a really imposing castle and, one of the largest castles in the country. The castle town around it ultimately grew to become Japan's fourth largest city. The castle buildings were destroyed from the air invasions in   1945, including the castle keep and the palace buildings. The current reconstruction of the castle dates from 1959 and contains a modern museum which narrates the castle's history. The park surrounding the castle keep features two circles of moats and impressive walls with corner turrets.

A green beautiful oasis and a truly majestic site is the Tokugawa-en, a beautiful Japanese landscape garden with a large pond emerging at the center in an absolute harmony. A large network of walking lanes will take you to a traditional tea house, to the rest houses, and across several bridges. The garden is best in spring, when it’s Peony (mid to late April) and Iris gardens (late May to early June) bloom.

Atsuta Shrine is one of Shinto's most important shrines. It enshrines the Sun Goddess Amaterasu and is the keeper of the mythical world famous sword, the sacred sword Kusanagi, which is one of the three imperial regalia. Note, however, that the sword is never displayed to the public.

Japan’s car leaders are the Toyota and Nagoya is the location of its headquarters. The company's headquarters are located in the city of Toyota, less than one hour east of central Nagoya. Next to the headquarters you can see the Toyota Kaikan Museum, where Toyota's new models and technologies some of them not yet released are displayed to the public. The Kaikan Museum also serves as the meeting point for plant tours. Tours are held once daily from Monday to Friday in English and Japanese. If you wish to join a tour, be anticipatory and make   a pre- reservation via the internet or by phone. Tours last approximately two hours and are free of charge.

Airlines that offer direct domestic and international flights to Nagoya
Air Asia Japan
Air Berlin

Air China

ANA (All Nippon Airways)

American Airlines
Asiana Airlines

Cathay Pacific Airways

China Airlines
China Eastern Airlines

China Southern Airlines
Delta Airlines
Etihad Airways
IBEX Airlines
Japan Airlines
Japan Transocean Air
Jeju Air
Jetstar Japan
Korean Air
Philippine Airlines

Singapore Airlines
Skymark Airlines

South African Airways
Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways
Vietnam Airlines

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