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Osaka is the third more populous city of Japan after Tokyo and Yokohama and a major business center of the country which makes it necessary to have a good transportation system for domestic and international flights. The Kansai International Airport it is located in the middle of Osaka Bay on an artificial island about 39 km far from the city center. There is also Osaka Airport which is closer to the city but during the last years the international flights has been moved to Kansai Airport but still operating many domestic flights. There are many airlines which offer direct flights to Osaka, on the list below you can see some of the most popular.

Osaka is known as the food capital of Japan, from here you will have the opportunity to taste delicious typical dishes of the Japanese cuisine, but it certainly has many more things to offer to the visitor.

A visit to Osaka would be incomplete if you don’t visit The Osaka castle. Osaka Castle is one of Japan's most famous castles and certainly will leave you with the best impression. The grounds are pretty big and you should bear in mind that you have to spend a big part of your day here, if you want a detailed tour.  During springtime, when Cherry Blossoms are in bloom, the scenery is quite spectacular. A visit in the late afternoon is the best choice when the sunset embraces the castle.

If you want to experience the ultimate sense of freedom and you want to feel as if you are going to reach the sky visit The Osaka Tower – Tsutenkaku.

Located in the Shinseki district, Tsutenkaku is known as "Tower Reaching Heaven". The tower measures 103 meters in height and the observation deck is 91 meters. While it is not one of the biggest towers in the world, the view will definitely compensate you.  Osaka’s beauty unfolds in front of your eyes as a big colorful   collage. You can even catch a glimpse of the top of the Osaka Castle from the observation deck.

If you want to explore the marine life and learn all of its little secrets then it’s time for Osaka’s Aquarium. The Osaka Aquarium is one of the largest in the world and here you can see marine life from the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is also one of the only aquariums in the world to display whale sharks. The official name is the Kaiyukan Aquarium. There are 16 different habitats that showcase the ocean's diversity -- from the tropics to Antarctica.

A trip to the religious history of Japan is possible with just a visit to the famous Shitennoji Temple. It is the oldest   temple in Japan and was the first to introduce Buddhism in Japan. The temple was founded by Prince Shotuko, who was a Buddhist, in 593 AD. The buildings have been reconstructed multiple times and the current structure was rebuilt in 1963.

The ultimate sight for the dedicated movie lovers is the Japan Universal Studios.  A visit here is indispensable. The studios opened their doors in   2001; and are    one of most popular theme parks in Japan. Depending on the time of year you are going to visit the park there is always a different seasonal event happening.   Mix with the crowd and live a unique experience to the maximum.

Airlines that offer direct domestic flights to Osaka


Ibex Airlines

Japan Airlines

SAM Columbia


Japan Transocean Air

Jetstar Japan

Airlines that offer direct international flights to Osaka
Korean Air

Asiana Airlines

Air Busan

China Airlines

Jeju Air

SAM Columbia

Japan Airlines

Eastar Jet

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Osaka Flights


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