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Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido and is mainly served by New Chitose Airport.  The airport is located 50km southeast of the city. It is rightly considered as one of the busiest airports in Japan as it is serving the most travelled air route of Japan between Tokyo and Sapporo with hundreds of travelers on a daily basis. It is very easy to reach the New Chitose airport, rapid trains are at your disposal and it only takes 35-40 until you are there.

Sapporo flights from the New Chitose airport are transformed into a unique experience. The airport by itself it a sight worth seeing. Modern design and traveler-friendly facilities join their forces and make the whole travelling process more comfortable than ever. The airport has a semicircular domestic terminal with eighteen gates and a smaller international terminal with six gates.

Sapporo has also Okadama airport located closer to the center of the city but it only serves a limited number of domestic flights within Hokkaido for Turboprop flights.

An old saying says that the journey  counts more than actual destination, but Sapporo has definitely many things to offer to the visitor .Once you have left the airport having seen that the Japanese are the pioneers when it comes to technology matters it is time for you to discover the city of Sapporo.

The Landmark of Sapporo where every visitor pays its tribute is the
Tokei Dai (clock tower). The clock was constructed in 1878 and is now the most famous sight-symbol of the city. But what is truly exceptional about this clock is that is has not missed a second in over 120 year of its function. If this is not accuracy then what is?

If you need to take a breath, lose track of time and enjoy moments of sheer relaxation then the Hokudai Shokubutsuen is exactly what you are looking for.  Τhe botanical gardens  of Hokkaidō University are   a natural masterpiece  Here you'll find more than 4000 plant varietals, A small section dedicated to  Ainu wild foods and medicinal plants, within the botanical gardens  will help you discover many things about  Japanese culture.

Everybody knows that Japan is the most rapidly developed countries in the world. A visit to the historic village of Hokkaido is the living proof of this. It is an open museum with more than 60 typical Japanese buildings for every part of Hokkaido from the Meiji and the Taisho periods. The history is revealed in front of you.  There are four different sections for you to see a town, fishing village, farm village and a mountain village.

Final stop for every cookie lover is the Shiroi Koibito Park a theme park by Ishiya, a local chocolate company. The company's   product is the Shiroi Koibito cookie, which consists of two thin butter cookies and a layer of white chocolate in between. A classical taste from our childhood has become the most famous souvenir of Hokkaido you cannot leave Sapporo if you haven’t taken at least one bite of this delicious cookie.

Airlines that offer direct domestic and international flights to Sapporo
China Southern
Cathay Pacific
SAT Airlines
Jin Air
Eva Air
China Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

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Sapporo Flights


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